DJ Gershwin

Dj Gershwin
Gershwin started Dj’ing local parties in 1987, dropping mainly hip-hop beats. Westwood’s Capital Radio show was the main source of upfront tunes, the like of Sugar Bear, Public Enemy and Eric B being showcased. The maturation of house music in 1988 and the unbeatable vibes at Busby’s and Heaven influenced Gershwin to buy his first set of 1200′s (bought from Loftgroover and Dave Angel outside Streatham Ice Rink).
A move to Nottingham in 1989 resulted in Gershwin meeting the most influential person in his Dj’ing career, Dj Sy. Sy managed to combine house and hip-hop, with his enviable scratching talent. Sy taught Gershwin how to mix tunes with crossfader terrorism and soon he was playing on Rave FM and at local raves at the Marcus Garvey Centre, Hippo, Venus and the Cookie Club. This continued for a number of years, into the hardcore scene. Hooking up with Dj Bobby Tempo in Stafford, Gershwin was swayed towards the more mature sound of jungle (Face Records, Dillinja, Moving Shadow, Metalheadz) and this formed the blueprint for Gershwin’s continued seeking of deep, heavily engineered jungle/drum and bass.
In 1992, he formed Suntribe Records and released the infamous Charge Of The Light Brigade EP which was caned by the top DJ’s. The haunting piano riff did most of the damage, combined with the heavy heavy bassline that was engineered by the Cool Hand Flex. The second tune, Solar Energy was more of a tear out amen tune and was released in 1993.
A move to Birmingham meant another hook-up with the most revered underground club, House Of God. Dj X and Harvey, better known as PCM, ran the drum and bass room and positevly encouraged the deeper sound. Gershwin sets were infamous for blending Photek, Source Direct, Technical Itch, Droppin Science and Teebee tunes at a time when jump-up was ruling the scene. The excellent production skills of these artists provided supreme motivation.
Gershwin is also involved in a very Successful event night called ‘The Source’ held every  2 months at Hare & Hounds in Birmingham alongside Djs Glenn Aston & Dj X Bringing Oldskool back to Birmingham with massive lineups inc 2 Bad Mice,Ratty & Tango,Trace,Fallout,Trevor fung,Doc Scott………………..




Catch Gershwin every Sunday 6-9pm with Oldskool Sundays show alongside Dj Glenn Aston only on Renegade radio 
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